Web3 Gaming Eyes Big Improvement With Unity, Solana, ImmutableX, and

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Unity Gaming, the gaming software company behind popular Web3 favourites like Decentraland and Sandbox, has partnered with MetaMask and Solana to integrate decentralized blockchain and wallet capabilities into the Web3 gaming experience.

MetaMask, ImmutableX, and Solana joined a growing list of verified solutions–a broad term for decentralized in-game third-party plugin applications approved on Unity. Currently, there are 13 verified solutions on Unity, including blockchain-based projects like Algorand, Tezos, Infura, Nefta, Aptos, Flow, Altura, etc.

With over one million daily active Web3 gamers, Unity and Metamask will tap into seamless web2-web3 connectivity, thus helping to onboard traditional Web2 gamers into the web3 space. MetaMask already set up a $100k grant program to support game developers looking to make web3 games.

Since its inception in 2014, Unity has continued raising the bar for 2D/3D gaming experience. The Danish company, now based in San Francisco, recorded better-than-expected profits after grossing $451 million in Q4 2022 revenue. CEO John Riccitielo, who formerly held the role of president at rival Electronic Arts (EA), says the company will adopt cost-cutting measures as part of its 2023 strategy. Already over 284 staff have been laid off by the company in January as it prepares to consolidate operations in industries outside of gaming. In November 2022, the company announced a merger with Israeli-based app monetization company, IronSource, to see how it can scale profitability using its platform for mobile application development.

MetaMask, on the other hand, will prove a valuable partner to Unity with over 20 million monthly active users base. The world’s most popular mobile and browser-based wallet recently added phishing detection alerts to its mobile app to warn users about connecting to a suspicious wallet address. The feature comes in light of growing competition from the wallet service provider Frontier, which recently released a browser-based version compatible with over 35 blockchains. Such dual-type wallets have increased in demand following heightened customer security concerns after the fall of FTX. Ethereum CEO chimed in on the subject in a recent blog, adding that: “wallet developers should start thinking much more explicitly about privacy.“

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While Metamask SDK provides wallet integration, ImmutableX seeks to expand layer two scaling possibilities for game developers and NFT creators leveraging the platform. A similar scenario is expected of Solana, which recently proposed a network upgrade on the hill after a series of outages in February.