Step by step guide to Start blogging in 2020

If You Want To Know A Step By Step Guide To Start Blogging In 2020 Right Place For You

You Guys Are Many Question Regarding How To Start A Blog So On This Article And I Am Going To Answer Many Of The Common Questions Of Yours And Also Share Couple Of Tools And Resources That Let You Drive Success Through Blogging

By Following These Steps You Can Create Your Own Blog And Start Making Money, Also You Can Convert That Blog Into A Money Making Machine.

Sound Grate Right Then Let’s Dive In.

1. Pick a topic of your interest in the blog

There Are Many Questions That Arise When Picking Up The Topic Of Your Interest In Blogging

Questions Like ”

How To Pick A Topic Of My Interest In Blogging?

How To Find The Topic Of My Interest?

What Should I Write In My Blog?

Let Me Tell You What Is The Problem With Blogging

There Are Many People Who Just Start Blogging Without Picking A Topic Of Their Interest They Spend Months Even Years Creating A Blog That Has Zero Chance Of Succeeding

People Give Up When Their Blog Doesn’t Give Any Output


It’s Because They Are Not Choosing The Topic Of Their Interest For Blogging

Here are the steps to choose a winning blog topic of your interest

  1. List Out The Topics That You Are Interested In ( It Can Be Your Hobbies Also )
  2. Filter That Lists Topics In Which You Can Discuss More Than 2 Hours On A Particular Topic On A Daily Basis
  3. In This Step Again Filter The List But By Asking Yourself The Question That, Is This Block Topic Can Bring Good Traffic And Also Generate A Good Amount Of Passive Income?
  4. In This Final Step Just Need To Search On Different Social Media Websites To Know How Many Fans And How Much Traffic Do You Get On This Blog Topic Also You Can Use Google Keyword Planner To Know How Many Times Your Blog Topic For Related To Your Blog Topics Have Been Searched On Google

These Are The Steps Which I Found Useful To Find A Winning Blog Topic Of My Interest

Don’t Pick A Unique Topic That People Are Not Searching For

2. Choose a blogging platform

I Am In Question When Choosing The Correct Blog In Flight

Questions Like ”

What Blogging Platform Do I Use?

Which Is One Of The Best Blogging Platforms? ”

Honestly, There Are Many Blogging Platforms Available In The Market Such As Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Weebly

And Many More.

I Divided Into 2 Category

  • Non Technical Person
  • Technical Person

Let’s Take A Look At What Is The Difference Between These 2 Categories

1. Non-technical person

If You Are A Non-Technical Person Who Doesn’t Know How To Set Up A Blog Then I Will Prefer Using Medium.Com For Blogger By Google Also You Can Use WordPress.Com

In Medium.Com You Just Need To Create An Account And Start Blogging

While Blogger By Google You Can Log In With Your Google Account And Just Need To Select The Default Theme For Your Blog And Start Blogging. If You Choose A Third-Party Theme Then You Require A Little Bit Amount Of Technical Skills Like HTML & CSS

WordPress.Com Provide A Self-Hosted Platform In Which Just You Need To Create An Account And Selecting A Default Theme That They Provide And Start Blogging

2. Technical person

WordPress Is A Free And Open-Source Content Management System It Is Totally GUI Based Means You Don’t Need Technical Knowledge For This But It Does Take Time To Set Up Your Blog By Installing Plugins As Well As Themes

As Of This Writing, More Than 50% Of All Websites Uses WordPress Including Heavyweight Like TechCrunch, Starwars Blog, Sony Music, And Yes, BGNBUZZ Also

Now You May Be Wondering If Your WordPress Is Totally GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) Base Then Why I Was Differentiating In A Technical Person Category

To Set Up A Blog In WordPress Then There Are A Couple Of Plugins That Require And Technical Knowledge Of HTML And CSS

3. Choose a domain

Now You May Be Wondering What Is A Domain?

Domain Name:- The Domain Name Is The Name Of The Website Which Leaders Type In The Browser.

Let Me Give You An Example Of How Readers Can Write Your Domain In A Web Browser

  • HTTPS:// ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol )
  • WWW ( The Subdomain )
  • BGNBUZZ ( Domain Name )
  • .Com ( Top Level Domain )

4. Choose your hosting provider

Now You May Be Wondering What Is Hosting Or Web Hosting

Hosting Provider / Web Hosting:- Web Hosting Is A Place Where All Your Files Of Your Blog Are Stored In Show Your Blog Lives When Someone Tries To Access That Hosting Is Like A Hard Disk Of The Computer Where All Your Block Data Where Stored

Now By Knowing These Questions Are Going To Arise

Which Hosting Provider Do I Use?

How Many Hosting Providers Are There?

Which One Of Them Is The Cheapest One?

Honestly, There Are Many Hosting Providers Are Available To Start Blogging So Without Getting Detailed Or Giving You The List Of Hosting Providers, And Recommend The Hosting Providers That I Used To Build This Blog With Hostinger (Affiliate Link)

Because Hostinger (Affiliate Link) Is One Of The Best Beginner-Friendly And To Be Honest It Is Good At Support But Services Are Very Fantastic, Trusted And Not Very Costly Like Other Hosting Providers

Hostinger (Affiliate Link) Has An Offer Right Now You Will Get A Domain Free With Hosting If You Choose Any Plan. So Grab This Offer By Clicking The Link Below

How To Purchase Web Hosting At Hostinger

Go To The Hostinger (Affiliate Link) And Select Plan Which Has SSL And Domain Free With Hosting Plan

Hosting Registration Process Explain

5. Setup WordPress

Setting Up WordPress With Hostinger Is Very Easy Because Stranger Provides A One-Click Installation Feature To Install WordPress

Many Hosting Providers Give This Feature So There Is No Worry About Setting Up A WordPress With A Hosting Provider

Explain The Steps To Install WordPress In Just One Click Installation Process

6. Pick an attractive blogging theme

Before You Start Customizing And Picking Up The Theme Your Content Matters More Than The Appearance Of Your Blog

There Is A Default TwentyTwenty (2020) Theme Installed And Active Which Is Best And Well-Optimized You Can Just Start Blogging If You Don’t Want To Customize

Process Of How To Choose A WordPress Theme

7. Install necessary plugins

If You Want To Customize WordPress With Full Feature Then You Require Plugins WordPress Has More Than 50,000 Plus Premium Plugins And More Than 100,000 Plus Free Plugins Available In The WordPress Market

There Are Many Questions Gonna Arise When It Comes To This Plugin Like

What Are The Best Plugins?

How Many Types Of Plugins Are Available?

So In This Guide, I’m Gonna Share “Must-Have” Or I Can Say The “Essential” WordPress Plugins Required To Build A Perfect Blog

So Let’s Dive In

  • Contact Form 7
  • Easy Table Of Contents
  • Elementor / Elementor Pro
  • Rank Math SEO / Yoast SEO
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Wordfence Security
  • WP Socializer

Let’s Take A Look At What This Plugin Does And What Are The Features Of Each Plugin.

8. Write your first blog post

First Of All, Let Me Congratulate You That You Created And Customized Your WordPress Blog. As Per Your Requirement

Creating A Blog Is Also Known As Content Creation So This Will Be A Fun And Creative Part.

Now You May Be Wondering This Is The Very Fun And Creative Part Then How Do I Start Blog Means How Do I Create My First Blog

Let Me Help You

For Creating A Blog Post You Have To Go To The Dashboard Post Add New

After That, You Can See The Page Where You Can Write Your First Blog

Now Let Me Give You Some Tips That Can Make Your First Killer Blog Post

  • If You Are Confused That Where I Can Get An Idea Or Where I Can Find A Topic To Create This Type Of Blog Post So I Recommend To Use Keyword Research Tools Like Google Keyword Planner As Well As Keyboards.Io And Search On It About Your Block That You Want To Make That Can Give You An Idea On Your Niche.
  • Try To Make An Awesome Catchy Title That Can Grab The Attention Of Viewers.
  • Make Sure You Add Images And Typography That Can Explain The Process That You Wanna Show In Your Blog So If You Wanna Know How You Can Create This Type Of Topography For Your Image Then I Would Recommend You To Use Canva.Com.
  • In Your Blog Use, I And Your Word That Taken Feel Viewers That You Are Talking With Viewers.

I Think That’s All From My Side For Creating An Awesome And Killer Blog Post

9. Promote your blog and get traffic

Congratulation That You Have Created Your First Blog Post

There Are 3 Ways That You Can Use To Promote Your Blogs

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Make A Great Friend With Popular Influencers And Bloggers
  • Paid Advertisements

Let’s Dive In Through All These Steps

Social Media Platforms

Now You May Be Thinking That I’m Not Good At Social Media Right? Hey But To Promote Your Blog You Must Use Social Media Networks Like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, And Also Telegram To Get More Traffic

So I Give The Example Of Popular Social Networking Websites That We Use As A Daily Driver There Are Many Social Websites Available On The Internet So You Cannot Be On Every Social Media Platform You Need To Find Out Where You Can Get More Traffic On Which Social Media Platform By Experimenting Yourself End By Sharing Your All Of The Blog Posts Through All Of The Social Media Plates Once You Can Find Out That I’ll Get More Traffic From Facebook Then You Need To Focus On Facebook Instagram More Than The Other Social Media Platforms

Make Great Friends With Popular Influencers And Bloggers

For Beginners It’s Difficult To Build An Audience Here’s A Shortcut For You

Find Some Influencers And Blogger That Can Introduce You To There Audience

So Now You May Have A Question That How Can I Find An Influencer Or A Blogger That Can Introduce Me To Their Audience Right?

If You Use Backlinks On Your Blog Must Mail Them And Let Them Know That You Are Using Backlinks And Ask For Permission To Write A Guest Post On Their Blogs

If A Blogger Or Influencer Allows You To Write A Guest Post Then You Can Introduce Yourself In Your Blog Post 2 Their Audience And Get More Audience Towards Your Blog

Now This May Sound Easy For You Guys But It’s Up Locked Hard Work Involved

10. Some ways to make money from a blog

So This Is Everybody Is One Of The Most Favorite Parts Of Blogging For Every Blogger.

First Of All, Let Me Congratulate You Because You Have Published And Shared To Social Media And Promoted Your First Epic Blog

Let’s Start So There Are Many Several Ways That You Can Use To Make Money Online So Here Is My List Of Making Money Through Blogging

  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Advertising On Your Blog.
  • Offering Services
  • Selling Your Own Product Or Courses

Affiliate Marketing.

Now You May Be Having A Question About What Is Affiliate Market?

This Is One Of The Effective Methods To Make Money Online In This Method You Have To Promote Products On Your Blog And If You Get Any Sale From Your Blog You Will Be Rewarded A Commission From The Product Owner

Advertising On Your Blog

This Is One Of The Most Common Ways For Every Blogger To Monetize The Traffic To Make Money Out Of It In This Method There Are Many Different Platforms That Provides The Monetization Of Blogs

One Of The Most Used Blog Or Website Monetization Platform Is Google AdSense And The Second One Is Media.Net If Your Block Getting A Bad Good Amount Of Traffic Then You Can Apply On Any Of These And Make Money From There.

Offering Services

If You Have Made Any System That You Can Give On A Service Basis Then Your Viewers Will Directly Pay You To Use That Services And This Is One Of The Fastest Ways To Make Money Online

Selling Your Own Products For Courses


If You Have Your Own Product That You Want To Sell Online Then You Can Use Your Blog To Make Money From It In This If You’re Gonna Directly Pay You For The Product You Sell On The Other Hand If You Have An Education-Related Course That You Wanna Sell The Same Process Goes For This

These Are Some Of The Ways That Are Gonna Help You Guys To Make Money The Online Majority Of These Are The Methods That Gonna Use To Make Money From Blogs

Now You May Be Thinking This Is A Lot To Process But It’s Not Some Of These Steps Are Essential For Starting A Blog Means Once You’ve Created A Blog, Customized It, Then You Don’t Need To Repeat The Process.

Now Some Of You Have Started Creating A Blog And It’s Good To Start Creating A Blog But You Have To Be Patient About Getting More Traffic And Audience And Start Making Money This Is The One Thing That I Found That People Got Failed When They Don’t Have Any Patient And They Give Up After Some Time

Here’s The Famous Quote By Winston Churchill

“Never Give Up On Something That You Can’t Go A Day Without Thinking About.”

Winston Churchill

If You Are Passionate About Your Interest That You Can Talk About Your Interest 24/7 Then Don’t Give Up On It

Now Start Creating A Blog By Following These Steps Right Now

I Am Signing Out Right Now If You Guys Have Any Question Regarding This Then Leave A Comment Down Below I Am Ready To Help You Guys But I Have One Question For You

Are You Ready?

Then Let’s Start Blogging.