How to start your own business by creating a website

To Start An Online Business Of The First Step That You Can Create A Blog Or Website That Can Help You To Get Your Customers Attention There Are Many Types Of Websites That You Can Create Making A Good Profit Here Are The Some Of The Types That Can Help You To Create Your Own Website And Decide Your Own Category In Which You Want To Do Business About

  • Creating an online store
  • Creating a blog website
  • Creating a dropshipping store
  • Create a website that can sell a subscription-based product

So This Is The Couple Of Ways That You Can Create Your Website According To Your Interest Let Me Give You A Brief Explanation About All The Types Of Website

1. Creating an online store

Just Like Offline, You Can Create An Online Store Also In Which You Can Sell Your Own Products Just Like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Etc. In This Way You Can Create An Online Presence. Now Is A Couple Of Questions Like A What Platform Do I Use To Create My Own Website? How Much It Will Cost To Build A Whole Website? & What Are The Requirements?

So Let Me Tell You What Are The Requirements Create An Online Store

1. Hosting ( Hostinger, Bluehost, Host Greater ) 

2. Domain ( Godaddy, Hostinger) 

3. Website Builder ( WordPress, Magento, Wix, Weebly)

So Let Me Tell You Briefly About These Requirements First Of All Hosting Sometimes Websites Like Who Stranger That Provides You With The Full Domain As Well As Hosting Both Together So Be Picky About Selecting The Hosting Plan Here Is What I Recommend Which Include Both Hosting As Well As Domain 

The Thing About Selecting A Website Builder Depends Upon The Person Let Me Explain If You Don’t Have Any Technical Knowledge Then I Prefer To Use WordPress Or Weebly Both This Website Builder Have The Same Functionality Like Drag And Drop Features Which Can Help You To Set Up Your Website Easily It Will Take Time To Set Up Your Website If You Are Not Familiar With Website Builders

Note:- If You Want To Build A Website Similar To Amazon Or Flipkart Then I Prefer To Use Magento. It Is A Commercial Tool To Create In E-Commerce Website/Store

2. Creating a blog website

Nowadays People Gain Knowledge From The Different Sources And That Sources Are Considered As A Blog Website, These Blogs Are Created In Different Niches, Some People Like To Read The News Every Day Some People Like Entertaining Blog Some People Like To Read About Technology, And Much More 

This Is How You Create Your Online Presence By Creating A Blog By Defining A Specific Niche You Can Share Your Knowledge With The Viewers. Now The Same Question Arises Like What Is The Cost? How It Is Created? And What Are The Requirements?

To Create A Blog Site The Requirements Are Still The Same You Require A Domain, Hosting, And Website Builder As I Said Selecting A Domain Or Hosting It Depends Upon The User How He Or She Is Selecting Hosting Plan To Let Me Tell You About The Website Builder There Are Mainly To Website Builders Available In The Market Which Are Mostly Used All Over The Internet

WordPress( Free But Requires Hosting And Domain)


Note:- Blogger Is A Service Provided By The Google Which Is Totally Free Means Hosting, Domain Totally Free But Free Domain Will Be Like ” Mywebsite.Blogspot.Com” Just Like This Website

3. Create a dropshipping store

Aliexpress Is Providing This Feature That Lets You Sell Products On Your Website By Adding A Profit On It Let Me Explain Users Are Allowed To Resell Aliexpress Products To Their Website By Adding Own Profit The Below-Given Image Will Give You The Visual Explanation Of How Dropshipping Work’s

There Are Many Tools Available In The Market But The Majority Of The People Use Is Shopify And WordPress

So Let Me Tell You A Brief About What Shopify Is And What It Will Cost, It Is A Professional Tool For Dropshipping That Provides You Hosting As Well As A Platform To Build Your Website. For Beginners, It Will Provide You A 15 Day Of Trial In Which We Can Learn How To Use Shopify How To Integrate Aliexpress Into Shopify Store And Add Products In Our Store. After That, It Will Cost About $35 A Month There Is A Plugin Called “Oberlo” In Shopify Let You Make Less Effort To Create An Order That’s Why Shop Used Mostly All Over The World

As Per My Recommendation, WordPress Is One Which Is A Simple, Easy, And Low-Cost Option Available In The Market There Is A Plugin Called “Alidropship” In WordPress Which Cost You About $80 For A Lifetime Which Also Automates The Ordering Process

4. Create a website that can sell a subscription-based product

Let Me Give The Example Of Netflix Which Is A Subscription-Based Product In Which The User Is Paid To Watch In An Online TV Show, TV Series, And Movies

Also, Let Me Give You A Couple Of Examples Companies Which Are Selling A Product As A Subscription-Base

  • Anti-Virus Products
  • Streaming Products
  • Graphic Tools Like (Canva, PicsArt)
  • Hosting Website
  • Domains
  • ERP Systems
  • Pos Systems

And Much More Other Examples Are Available Can I Help You What Is A Subscription-Based Product In The Short, Subscription-Based Product Are The Products Which Will Pay You To Rent To Use Your Product

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