CZ: Twitter Might look to adopt crypto if it carries

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The CEO of Binance hints at a possible integration of cryptocurrencies into the popular social networking service platform Twitter. 

This comes after Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and CEO of Tesla, finalized the highly anticipated purchase of the Twitter application. 

What are the chances of Twitter integrating digital? 

The months ahead might bring massive adoption of digital currencies following Elon Musk’s recent Twitter purchase. 

In CZ’s recent interview with CNBC, he explained that Binance had positioned itself as a strategic investor for Twitter. Despite Elon Musk’s initial withdrawal, CZ noted that Binance maintained an interest in pushing through with its investment.

However, he remains confident in Musk’s entrepreneurial abilities following Twitter’s acquisition. 

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“We want to support entrepreneurs. Elon Musk is a very strong entrepreneur. Twitter is a tool that I use personally. We want help bring Twitter into web3 when they’re ready, and we wanna help solve some of the immediate problems.” He explained. 

The CEO of Binance proceeded to explain that if Twitter decides to set up a membership plan for its users, Binance would be interested in aiding the actualization of said structure.

He made this known while explaining that digital currencies will benefit Twitter globally. He added that Binance’s into all move is intended to fix this problem, saying that the firm intends to make sure “that (Twitter membership plan) can be done very easily, globally, using cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.”