100 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money in 2020-21

Want to start a blog but not sure what to write about? How can you find niche Profitable Blog Niche Ideas that make money and allow you to become a successful internet entrepreneur?

100 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money in 2020-21 | BGNBuzz

Regardless of your experience, choosing the perfect blog niche can be difficult. You are afflicted with a bunch of questions, such as:

  1. What is the most profitable blogging field?
  2. How can I earn money with my blog?
  3. How do I choose the ideal name for my blog?
  4. What are the most popular blogging topics?
  5. What do I need to blog about to stay interested?

And hey, these are all questions to think about! Remember: every successful blogger started out with nothing.

Now, if you are just starting out blogging, you have likely heard tips like:

  1. You must be passionate about your blog topic.
  2. You should position yourself as an expert in a field you love.

And while these points cannot really harm you on their own, they are not the whole truth.

Because the thing is:

There are tons of great niche blogging ideas that will allow you to make money even if you aren’t passionate about it.

At the point when I began my first blog, I had no clue about the thing I was doing. In any case, I was certain my blog specialty was practically awesome. (Which was, as I found out later!)

In fact, I know you can make money in almost any blog niche you decide to enter.

Indeed, a few niches are simpler to adapt to than others. But overall, whatever specialization you can find and solve a problem your readers are struggling with, it will suffice. Because profitability is more about finding a popular blog topic rather than one you are passionate about.

Let’s Begin!

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How do I find the perfect blog niche?

If you are not sure about the blog topic, don’t worry. I am here to help you!

I know you want to build a profitable and successful blog from scratch. Plus, you don’t want to make wrong decisions at first when you are just setting up your blog.

Trust me, even a small mistake in the technical setup of your blog can cost you hundreds of hours of sleepless nights on the road.

So, if you haven’t started a blog yet, go through our step-by-step tutorial to start a WordPress blog in just 10 minutes.

Seriously, you only need 10 minutes! This is less than you need for a coffee at the nearest Starbucks.

In the tutorial, I’ll share with you everything I learned while building my successful blogging business from scratch. see you there!

Now knowing you want to start a blog is one thing. But knowing what to write about is another thing.

100 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas To Start A Blog In 2020

If you want to monetize your blog, you need to direct highly-converting targeted traffic to your articles and other content.

Therefore, you must start by knowing the target audience for your blog. This will help you understand what your potential readers want and need from you. And when you do, it will be much easier to create valuable content for them and you can make more money with less effort.

Now, to help you find a profitable blog topic more easily, I’ve grouped my thoughts below into the following subtopics:

Well, let’s start!

Here are 100 excellent and profitable blogging ideas you can start a blog on and make money online:

Travel (1-5)

Travel | BGNBuzz

City guide

Explore your city and surrounding areas. Recommend unusual places to visit. Perfect for traveling on a budget.

Travel tips

Share your travel tips and tricks. Efficiently beat long trips and pack luggage, etc.

Cultural differences

Share what you’ve learned about good customs and manners in a foreign culture. This is a great place to help ex-pats and travelers respect local customs.

Language and travel

If you love learning languages, why not start a blog about it? Help your readers learn some essential words and phrases that are helpful for their next trip. For more value, create some useful PDF cheat sheets that your readers can print.

Traveling for work

Do you work for an airline or travel a lot for work? Use your metrics to capture the essence of every city and country. Share your stories with the world – you have a global audience waiting!

Health (6-15)

Health | BGNBuzz

Accommodation allowance

This is one of the more profitable blogging niches out there. There’s always a new diet to focus on – just start your blog ASAP to beat the competition!

Nutrition and Supplements

We all know we should eat better food, but why is it so difficult? Help readers achieve their goals and provide their bodies with healthy foods!


Share your experience and tips for achieving a clear frame of mind through meditation. Offer beginner-oriented meditations to attract new readers and increase your reach.

Herbal remedy

Show the target audience of your blog on how they can benefit from what nature has to offer.

Full attention

This is very important to your health and wellness niche. Mindfulness is also a great blog topic to make money online. Just share your tips for practicing waking life in everyday life.

Psychological health

Help your readers find the root causes of depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Keep your advice simple and make sure not to provide medical advice if you are not a certified physician.

Self-care and self-esteem

We do many things for a lot of people every day. How can your readers achieve a happier life by spending more time with themselves rather than spending their days working to meet other people’s needs?

Building confidence

Help your audience with self-esteem issues. If you are having trouble feeling good about yourself, share your story and how you got over the problem! How can your readers gain more confidence to be successful in life and be happier overall?


There are many topics about skin health to write about. Acne and aging are probably the most common outlets out there.

Traditional medicine

Alternative medical treatments are becoming more and more popular. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, acupuncture – the list is long!

Fitness and Sports (16-25)

Fitness | BGNBuzz


This niche has incredible potential to make money from blogging. If you are a certified yoga instructor, create a series of articles and publish them in e-book form.

Weight loss

Dieting and losing weight is the strength of our blogging ideas. It is one of the most popular areas when it comes to starting a blog to make money.

CrossFit Training

Share your story, experience, and advice on how readers can achieve fitness goals through fitness training.


How do you take care of your bike? What should I pay attention to when buying one? Write about the best bike tours in your area or make it a two-wheel travel blog!

Running and marathon

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise and has enormous potential for readers around the world. Write about running tips and techniques, seasonal summer and winter training, marathon training, running gear, etc.

Dangerous sports

Skydiving, skydiving, whatever! It’s easy to turn this blogging niche into a travel blog if you’re scouring the world looking for your next adrenaline rush.


Write about urban walks, day trips, hiking challenges, or pilgrimage routes.


This is the most interesting part of the game of soccer for many, but it is also a great sport!


If you know Pilates, why not share your tips and experiences with the world?

personal training

This will be the ultimate traffic attraction for your blog. If you can write about exercise advice and make exercise and meal plans, you can create a big name for yourself online. Write about fitness tips for busy people!

Hobbies (26-45)

Hobbies | BGNBuzz


Lots of different areas to focus on: urban gardening, floriculture, organic gardening, vegetable growing, etc.

Is drawing

Create a series of articles to teach readers how they can improve the drawing.


Share your own work or the work of others. Offer tips about places in your city to go to enjoy art.


Make your own music or blog above others. Teach readers to play a musical instrument!


Copywriting is a popular topic these days. Why not show your readers how they can become successful freelance writers, for example?


A blog about best models, old parts, or maintenance advice, for example.


How to play poker? How to become a successful player online?


Write about the latest new tools and techniques, and tips and tricks for using them.

Programming and web development

Help your readers learn to program so they can start new careers in the tech industry. How to create a net site? How to create a mobile app to sell on the App Store?

Navigation and hunting

Review equipment, make recommendations and share your experience at sea.


You can give photography tips and write a helpful beginner guide for capturing beautiful photos. If you want, you can focus on portrait, nature, or product photography, for example.


Blog about fashion trends, share your best looks, and make a name in the fashion blogosphere.


Write a blog and create YouTube videos with makeup tutorials. Many beauticians are already spreading over the Internet; Simply add your flavor to the soup and you can too.


Share golf tips and learning tips. If you travel with your own golf bag, share your experience in the best golf courses in the world.

Astronomy and constellations

Writing about startup signs is a great place for blogging to sell personal horoscopes and teach readers about astronomy.

Horse riding

Martial and martial arts

Interior design


Dogs, cats, and pets

Food and Cooking (46-56)

Food and cooking | BGNBuzz

Wines and champagne

If you know a lot about wine, share this passion with the world.

Craft beer

Blog about what makes handmade beer so great and establishes a name on the internet How to make craft beer at home?

Weird kitchen

Share your tips and favorite recipes for preparing authentic meals from faraway countries.


Pick a specialty and help readers with easy and delicious recipes. How about blogging about 30-minute meals or affordable cooking for families, for example?

Home meals

We all love delicious home-cooked food, right? There is something in the traditional kitchen that warms our soul and makes us feel good. Share your family’s recipes and put them together to publish a branded cookbook!

Healthy foods and superfoods

How do you cook and eat to stay healthy? What seasonal foods should your readers focus on each month of the year?

The bread

Cakes, cupcakes, pies, and frozen cakes. If you can spell it, you can bake it!


Collect the best recipes you can find in a specific niche. Then cook it and write brief messages on it. Recipe blogs are huge right now, especially if you plan to use a solid Pinterest strategy to drive massive traffic to your blog!

kitchen tools

Share your advice on which pots and pans to use. There are tons of utensils to make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Write honest reviews and be sure to include affiliate links so that your readers will click on and buy the products immediately.

Vegetarian and vegan diet

How to become a vegetarian step by step? Share your favorite tips and recipes with our readers! What should your readers do when they crave something non-vegetarian again?

Coffee or tea

Write to all the caffeine addicts and send me a link so I can see it. Share your coffee tips and teach readers new things about their favorite hot drinks.

Entertainment (57-62)

Entertainment | BGNBuzz

Example: Amazon Prime & Netflix


Review movies and create lists of the best movies for each genre.

TV Show

Like movies: rating and review! If you use Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you can focus on one streaming service and rate the latest shows, for example.

Funny cat videos

Find the funniest videos on the internet and make them go viral. Attract enough visitors and make money from ads on your blog.

Theater, opera, and ballet

Review items from your area or write about new and old items for your visitors to read and learn more.

Stand-up comedy and improvisation

Offer tips and create fun and informative content that you can turn into a book one day. Why not offer individual workshops, courses, or training as well?

Upcoming events

Write about events that attract attention in a specific target group, such as families with children, single men, and women, or people looking to communicate in a particular industry, for example. The more people are interested in reading about it, the more traffic you get.

Games (63-67)

Games | BGNBuzz

Video game lessons for beginners

Help others enjoy their games more!

Game tutorials and tips

Adventure games are ideal candidates for educational publications, such as Tomb Raider.

Strategy Games Best Practices

There is a lot to learn about an advanced strategy game like Civilization or Cities: Skylines. Write a blog, start a YouTube channel or both!

Card and board games

Although not digital, card and board games are still popular! Why not share your opinions on board games and turn it into a blog where you review games?

Outdoor games

Get Readers Into the Wild! Write an article on 50 different outdoor games for kids and publish the collection in e-book form. Sell ​​it at a school discount!

Finance (68-72)

Finance | BGNBuzz

Personal Finance and Lean Living

How do you manage your money better? Everyone is interested in getting the most out of their money. The Frugal Life is one of the hottest blogging topics right now!

Financial independence

Share your advice to achieve financial independence by saving, investing, and planning for the long term.

Insurance and savings

How to find the best insurance and savings wisely?

Retirement savings and pensions

We all grow old and close to retirement every day. Although it may take decades, most of us are interested in how to start saving now.

Family budget management

Meeting the needs of a large family is not always easy. Share money-saving tips on everyday things like groceries, transportation, hobbies, clothes, etc.

Relationships (73-77)

Relationships | BGNBuzz

Dating guide

Everyone is looking for love! Write a dating guide; For example, you can choose to be serious, sarcastic, or funny.

Move-in together and start a family

How do you make it work with your partner? Blog about advice for new couples who want to start a family.

Weddings and Marriage

Wedding blogging is huge right now. Help people plan weddings and come up with wedding concepts. Offer to help you as a wedding planner!

Relationship Tips

How do you take care of your relationship, appreciate it, and make it last?


Well, it doesn’t always work for relationships, does it? Help your readers overcome divorce. There are many different topics that you can help people with: legal advice, self-care, dealing with frustration and anger, tolerance, etc.

Family and Home (78-87)

Family and house | BGNBuzz

Pregnancy and parenthood

Write a series of blog posts about pregnancy! Every mom and dad have a lot of questions that they need answers to during this time.

Parenting and childcare

All parents need their children’s help from time to time. Solve your parenting problems with helpful articles on your blog. How to be a great mom or a great dad? How do you deal with a tantrum in the supermarket?

Family vacation

Where do I go with the whole family on vacation? How do you get the most out of your vacation budget and save a few pennies?

Hobbies for the whole family

What do you do and where do you go with the whole family?

Saving Money

Help parents think of things they could do for free with their children. Or how they can save money when shopping or buying clothes for their children.

Home and Garden

Write helpful practical flyers with tips on how to care for your home and garden. Renewal, renewal, maintenance – the list goes on and on!


Share your knowledge and experience with homeschooling. How does it work? Who can do it? Where to start

School and bullying

How do you help children who are being bullied? What signs should parents monitor so that they can intervene as quickly as possible? How to finally end bullying?


A blog about the different options for a school or university. How do you finance your child’s college degree? How to write the perfect college application?


Write about how to turn any apartment or house into a green and green home. Also, you can blog about how your family takes care of the environment at home in your daily life.

Education and Employment (88-92)

Education And Employment | BGNBuzz

Career Path Tips

How do you find your passion, the job, and the right job for you?

Promotions and Professional Training

Help your readers reach their career goals faster.

Learn new skills

Languages, management skills, IT skills, and software.

Study Tips

How to learn more efficiently? How do you celebrate in college but still get your exams?

SAT Tips and Tricks

How to prepare for your SAT test and get the best scores?

Social Networks (93-96)

Social Network | BGNBuzz

Instagram Celebrities

How to become a social media celebrity on Instagram?

Mastering a social network

How to promote your business on social media?

Detoxing from Social Media

Help your readers with their phone addiction!

Beginner’s Guides

Write about social media basics. How do you start using it and how do you get the most out of it?

Politics and Society (97-100)

Politics and Society | BGNBuzz

News and current affairs

Write about your opinions on the hottest topics in the media right now.

Political satire

Attract readers’ attention with witty perspectives and your personal touch on current political events.

Society and Politics

Addressing the political problems of society. Choose a cause you want to defend and build a community around.

Educational Blog

Teach people the political systems and processes and why their vote matters in every election in which they can participate.

However, keep in mind that you are sharing your life with the world. She will become a brand and a business, through thick and thin. So when you get feedback from your readers, it can sometimes get very personal.

Final Thoughts: 100 Profitable Niche Blogging Ideas In 2020

This list of profitable niche blogging ideas can last forever, trust me! Hope you found some useful ideas and inspiration for your blog here.

What blog topics can you see yourself writing about? Let me know in the comments below!

The bottom line is: No matter what you blog about, you can monetize any topic as long as there are enough readers you can reach. After all, monetizing your blog is all about having a mutual interest with your readers.

So, make sure to choose a topic that can generate enough traffic. After that, it’s about finding your inspiration and motivation to write about it for years to come.

As long as you write blog posts that your audience will want to read, you are ready for success!

Now that you have found some great ideas on the topic of blogging, it’s time to start your blog right away.

How do I start a profitable blog today?

Now, let’s get started running your blog right away.

Head over to my free beginner’s guide on how to start a successful blog in 10 minutes. Seriously, you can set it all up today, even if you haven’t launched a blog before.